Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the People’s Enrichment & Advancement Lab (PEAL) Website. In order to protect our users privacy and ensure a rewarding experience for all users, we are providing this privacy policy.

  1. This website is under the name PEAL (Website). Anyone associated or affiliated with PEAL is committed to maintaining and respecting the users’ privacy.

  2. The website is user friendly for anyone aged 12 and above.

  3. The Website's privacy practices with regard to the gathering, use, and protection of user’s information through the Website and the Services made available thereon are described in this policy ("Privacy Policy") and the terms and conditions for use of the Website ("Terms and Conditions").

  4. When a user clicks the "I agree" button and enters personal information on the website, they are believed to have accepted this Privacy Policy.

  5. We are obligated to protect users’ information even after making changes in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Your Consent

6.1. We need your consent before we may grant You access to the Website and its Services (as noted in the Terms and Conditions). Without your consent, we are not permitted by the relevant laws to collect, process, or keep any information about you. Without your consent, we won't be able to gather and process the data required to offer access to our services made available through our website.

6.2. In case the User is a minor, you, as the parent/guardian, are the primary account holder. This means that:

6.2.1. Ordering Services and paying any fees or other charges made to us are entirely your responsibility. 6.2.2. Whether or if you choose to share your child's content with us and other parties is entirely up to you.

6.2.3. You are in charge of keeping a close eye on your child's material. Unless and until their parents or legal guardians provide permission, children are explicitly forbidden from adding any personally identifiable information to any content they upload to our website. You acknowledge that you will only provide your permission for your child to include any personally identifying information in their content. Therefore, we will assume that your child has uploaded any personally identifiable information with your consent

7. Personal Information we collect

7.1. Information that can be used to identify you or your child is referred to as personal information and may include, but is not limited to

7.1.1. Contact information of you or your child, such as your name, age, gender, contact details, educational history, and any other information that can be used to identify you or your child.

7.1.2. Your transaction details including the payment details for Services (with an exception to your financial information such as credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date and CVV or other information as required for internet banking or other payment instruments).

7.1.3. Your travel through our website, source of traffic, IP address (from which we can roughly establish user location), browser type, browser language, operating system, date, and time of request are all included in your session log information.

7.1.4. Your correspondence with us on the Website

7.2. When it comes to sensitive personal information, this can include details about your password, financial information like bank account or credit card or debit card information, or other payment instrument details. Sensitive Personal Information may be gathered to enable payment for Services when you subscribe to our Services, access and use our Website, and avail our Services.

7.3. The way we gather, utilise, distribute, and keep Personal Information is as follows:

7.3.1. Collection:

  1. When you register to use our website and/or services, you supply us with the majority of the Personal Information we handle directly from you. This also applies to any Personal Information and/or sensitive Personal data (as defined by the relevant law) that we automatically and covertly get from you when you use our website. As you or your child uses the Website, certain information may be automatically collected, including usage statistics, IP addresses, device IDs and types, browser types and languages, operating systems, access times, and data from cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies.

  2. Keep in mind that we might gather personal data to use in behavioural advertising. We might also let third-party behavioural monitors in places designed for children to utilise.

  3. Additionally, third parties and publicly accessible information sources may provide us with personal information about you

7.3.2. Usage

The Website requests this information in order to: (i) verify and process your request for Website services or information; (ii) enhance the Website's quality; (iii) help you choose the Services that best suit your needs; (iv) simplify our internal business operations, including meeting all legal and regulatory requirements; (v) conduct quality audits and train Trainers; or (vii) assess, develop, and improve our services.

7.3.3. Sharing

  1. When it's required for our affiliates to provide Services on our behalf or on your behalf, we may share Personal Information to them. Please be aware that unless you specifically opt-out by sending an email from your registered email address to the Grievance Officer, as advertised on the Website, we or our affiliates may market or advertise to you as a result of such sharing.

  2. We may additionally divulge your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information to outside groups or people if we think that doing so is reasonably necessary to:

    1. Identify, stop, or otherwise handle technical, security, or fraud issues;

    2. Whenever required or permitted by law, defend against threats to the safety, property, or rights of our clients or the general public

7.3.4. Regulatory Disclosures

Your Personal Information may be released in response to court orders, other legal processes, or tax authorities if we are forced to do so in order to comply with them, possibly without notifying you first. We may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties to whom it assigns its obligations and rights under any contract entered into with those third parties, as well as to any of its affiliated or associated entities

7.3.5. Retention:

Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law and solely for the purposes indicated above, the information thus acquired shall be retained for the minimal amount of time necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined below. Once the intended outcome has been accomplished, all Personal Information is securely erased. As required by relevant legislation, we have adopted reasonable security practices and processes. To safeguard and protect your data and information, we have implemented strategic, operational, managerial, technological, physical, and encrypted measures. Please be aware that we will not sell any Personal Data about you or your child to third parties for their marketing, advertising, or other uses unless we have your express approval. However, we might keep some personal data as long as the law permits or mandates.

8. Non-Personal Information

8.3.1. Collection: You agree that the Website may gather technical, usage-related, and diagnostic data for the usage objectives listed below. Once obtained, this data is anonymized so that it cannot be used to individually identify you.

8.3.2. Usage: The aforementioned data is obtained on a regular basis to maintain and enhance the Website and its Services, make it easier to supply you with software updates and other services (if any), and make sure that you are abiding by the conditions of this Policy.

8.3.3. Sharing: We may also give any such partner or third-party developer a subset of diagnostic information that is pertinent to that partner's or developer's software, hardware, and/or Services, provided that the diagnostic information is in a form that does not personally identify you. This is done to help the Website partners and third-party developers improve their software, hardware, and Services designed for use with the Website. We won't be held responsible for the dissemination of any personal identity data brought on by data loss or distribution, the erasure or corruption of media storage, power outages, natural disasters, riots, act(s) of vandalism, sabotage, terrorism, or any other uncontrollable circumstance

8.3.4. Retention: Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law and solely for the purposes indicated above, the information thus acquired shall be retained for the minimal amount of time necessary to achieve the purposes outlined below. All information is erased in a safe and secure manner once the intended outcome has been accomplished.

9. Processing of the Data:

Any personal and/or usage-related information gathered from you may also be processed by us, our affiliates, any third party, or any third-party service providers with whom we have contractual agreements. This processing will only be done for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. We put in place the proper contractual restraints, including confidentiality restrictions when appropriate, and whenever possible, anonymized processing practices, to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk of our processing of personal information, such as (i) only sharing and granting access to personal information when absolutely necessary; (ii) using secure servers to store personal information; (iii) giving access to Personal Information only after having confirmed the identity of any person requesting it

10. Cookies

Cookies and other technologies are used to collect data, which is handled as non-personal information. However, we treat any information associated with IP addresses or other similar identifiers as Personal Information to the extent that such identifiers are deemed Personal Information by local legislation. In a similar vein, if non-personal information and personal information are merged, we will classify the resulting information as personal information. Cookies are not used by us to store personal data for unlawful uses.

11. Exclusion

Other than as stated in this Privacy Policy, the Company also safeguards your Personal Information offline. Employees, agents, partners, and other third parties that the Company reasonably believes will need the information to help the Company offer Services to you are the only parties who have access to your Personal Information. However, outside of the framework of our agreement with such partners and third parties, the Company is not liable for the confidentiality, security, or distribution of your own Personal Information by such parties.

12. Third Party Services

Please be aware that other parties may also gather, use, and share information about you and your usage, including your internet service provider, operating system provider, third-party applications, social media platforms, and websites you view. We have no control over the way that these outside parties gather, utilize, disclose, or safeguard this information. Please refer to their individual privacy policies for details on third-party privacy practices

13. Liabilities:

  1. Any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages for loss of data or usage resulting from your access to, use of, or inability to access or use the Website, including but not limited to any sub-domains, are expressly disclaimed by us.

  2. Any third-party goods, programs, or services that are offered to you are supplied at your own risk. You agree that we shall not be responsible or liable for any loss to you resulting from your use of such third-party application, and that you shall bear all risks associated with or resulting from any transaction entered into by you with such third party on the Website.

14. Queries and Complaints

Should You Have Any Questions About The Services' Information Collection, Use, and Disclosure Procedures Or The Privacy Policy, you may reach out to us via email ( We shall redress your grievances at the earliest. We cannot guarantee a response to inquiries or comments addressing subjects unrelated to the terms of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, unless compelled by law.